What is Search Engine Optimisation?

In it's most simplistic form, SEO is the process of improving a websites positioning on search engines. Typically, the most important search engine is Google, providing the majority of all traffic to your website. Percentages vary with time, but the difference between Google and all the other search engines is stark. To give as an example of the statistics on Academy Internet Solutions's website, Google currently provides 82.5% of all search engine traffic (statistics correct at 22/03/15).

There are many myths surrounding SEO. One of the most enduring myths is that you need to constantly submit your website to Google. This is untrue. Once Google has "spidered" your website and included the results in it's database (what is a spider? - see Wikipedia's description) then it will return several times a month to re-spider your website and see if anything has changed.

On-page optimisation is the technique of presenting the page text in such a manner as to suggest that your chosen key phrases are the ones that Google should see as the most important phrases to include in their database. This is done by making sure your important key phrases appear in all the right sections of the website's coding.

Off-page optimisation techniques are such things as incoming link building campaigns, article writing and the inclusion of blogs and other social media. Social media is becoming massively important in SEO.

This is, of course, a very simplistic view.









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