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Have you ever been told by a web design or SEO company that they can get your website to number 1 on Google?

The phrase makes no sense at all. First of all, number 1 for which word or phrase?

Do they mean that they could get your website to the very top position for (let's say) the single word "car"?
There are BILLIONS of results for the word "car" on Google. Read the small print and make sure you understand what they are actually promising.

We charge fair and reasonable prices for the work that we do.
We "build-in" search engine optimisation as standard. We do not add it as an extra charge later. There are no nasty surprises.
We take pride in our work. We do not charge for anything you do not need.
Once the website is designed we then host it and look after it as part of a cost-effective, monthly package charge.


Once we have made your website for you, we don't just say, "Thank you and goodbye." We continue to look after and monitor your website's progress. Once a website has been made, and launched, it is just the beginning of the journey.


We can provide examples of websites we have made. We don't expect you just to take our word for it.
We can show you websites that we have produced for our many customers.
We can also show you how these sites are optimised, and the top phrases that they are found for, on Google.






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